The C.IN.E.

The aim of the Performing Arts Research Centre (C.IN.E.) in Sineu is to fill a gap in the actual scenic creation scenario in the Balearic Islands through internationalisation, network creation and investigation. The C.IN.E.’s managers are Biel Jordà and Marta Barceló, who are responsible for its artistic direction. They were the co-directors of the former circus-theatre production company Res de Res i En Blanc, which is still the owner of the building. The space, the project’s headquarters, is an old cinema built during the Spanish Second Republic.


Some of the activities of this singular place (this old cinema which still remains in the collective memory of Sineu’s population) are creation residences, open rehearsals, laboratories, workshops & reflection conferences or seminars.

The objectives of the Performing Arts Research Centre, as its name suggests, are to host, provoke and promote artistic processes, acting as a network with other centres or artists, as well as creating connections between creators and audience. The centre aims to enhace projects related to new scenic languages and multidisciplinary productions.

The C.IN.E. is a private management project. It is now a place of exchage, development, human enrichment and ongoing reflection. A bridge between local creators, foreign creators, local population and cultural agents, aiming to transcend the insularity and to project a meeting, experimentation, critical exchange and action context.