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C.IN.E. - tEATRE PRINCIPAL DE PALMA Residencies 2020

The selected projects in residency linked to the Teatre Principal de Palma 2020 are:

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our island connect 2020 program is on!

The selected projects in residency linked to the Teatre Principal de Palma 2020 are:


Cia. Manipulats / Gràcia Moragues & Mateu Canyelles

No crecerán las lechugas Company / Pere Mas


Sophie Mage

Joker’s Dinner/Rebekka Sofie Bohse Meyer


Soundspiels collective / Nicole Hewitt, Ivan Slipcevic, Vida Guzmic

Lightbulb company / Dora Popic, Lucija Buzancic


Elaine McCague / Loosysmokes


Creo Dance Company / Polina Kremasta


Thanks to the support of various local and regional organizations, such as the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) or the Institute of Balearic Studies (IEB), the C.IN.E. runs its Internationalization Program that allows us to create networks with centers of creation of the world and to facilitate the Balearic companies to get to know other markets and to develop projects abroad.

Image: Jym Daly - IACC

capacity building

The C.IN.E. is not only a creation centre, but also a place for artists to find resources to move their professionalization onto a sustainable footing. We host training courses, masterclasses and professional development workshops, among other activities.

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