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The C.IN.E. needs your support to continue its path. On our fifth anniversary we are launching a crowdfunding campaign through the platform in order to improve our facilities. The funds we receive will be used to create a resting area for the companies residing in our creation centre.

The C.IN.E. is located in an amazing building erected during the Spanish Second Republic (1931-36), which hosted the town cinema for more than 50 years. The performing arts company Res de Res i En Blanc, created by Biel Jordà and Marta Barceló, purchased the property in 2008 in order to turn it into a creation centre after undertaking a much needed comprehensive renovation, given its dreadful state. The venue which had not been refurbished yet, which we now want to transform into a resting area, is the former projectionist's booth, on the building's second floor.

We hope that, with your support, we will be able to carry on with our firm commitment to performing arts.