Island Connect

The selected companies for 2022 are:

  • Danae Wollen & Samuel Arnold Keane (IE) – residency at ENTROPIA (Naxos, Greece). Project: “Where Seaweed Dances”.

  • Antoinette Helbing & Birgitte Skands (DK) – residency in Cres (Croatia).  Project: “The Laughing Crowd”.

  • Cecilie Schyth Kjær & Marcus Alexander Roydes (DK) – residency at C.IN.E. Sineu (Mallorca, Spain).  Project: “Ode To Y2k”.

  • Anna Javoran, Irma Unusic & Sabrina Fraternali (HR) – residency at BIRCA (Bornholm, Denmark).  Project: “The Secret Garden”.

  • Mak Murtić, Marta Kolega & Filip Borelli (HR) – residency at ENTROPIA (Naxos, Greece).   Project: “Medzotermina”.

  • Marilén Ribot Estelrich (ES) – residency at IACC (Limerick, Ireland).  Project: “Open Armour”.

  • Androniki Marathaki, Natalia Manta & Elton Petri (GR) – residency at IACC (Limerick, Ireland).  Project: “The Lure of Feeling”.

Besides, in 2022 the C.IN.E.’s Islander Focus residency has started, with the project Arc endins, created by Marga Salas, Pau Pascual and Sebastià Bover. This collective will have two international residencies –in Bornholm and Naxos– and another one at the C.IN.E.

More information on Island Connect is available on the project’s website.

The C.IN.E. was born with a firm commitment to internationalisation, interaction with other countries and to highlighting the Balearic Islands as a place where culture and artistic creation are generated; the goal is also to act as a link between local and foreign creators, local population and cultural agents, with the purpose of overcoming insularity and plan a context of reunion, experimentation, critical exchanging and action.

Within this framework, in 2019 it cofounded the ISLAND CONNECT network, currently with five members, which are performing arts creation centres in or linked to islands in several countries.

The ISLAND CONNECT project has been selected as a CREATIVE EUROPE project for 2022/2022, and its current partners are:

C.IN.E., Centre d'Investigació Escènica de Sineu (Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain)

BIRCA - Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists (Bornholm, Denmark)

DOMINO (Zagreb, Croatia — residency at Place Moise on the island of Cres)

IACC - Irish Aerial Creation Centre (Limerick, Ireland)

ENTROPIA (Athens, Greece - residency on the island of Naxos)

The project supports artists in their professional and personal development offering, on the one hand, a venue and a context where they can devote themselves to research, experimentation and dissemination by means of artistic residencies and taking part in the centres’ own festivals, and on the other hand, tools which are able to broaden their artistic and technical training through Springlabs, workshops facilitated by internationally renowned professionals.