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C.IN.E. - tEATRE PRINCIPAL DE PALMA Residencies 2023

The selected companies have been:

Cia Laura de la Isla works with anxieties, fears and depression states currently invading people's souls and how these people don't know how to stop that or how to ask for help.

Clownómadas is preparing an avant-garde circus show which will feature several circus techniques with a touch of magic, gestural theatre and clown.

Cia Ajpu presents Un desliz y cuatro ensayos sobre el miedo (A Slip and Four Essays on Fear), a show which uses aerial ropes to portray the spatial relationship between aerial acrobatics, the human body and risk. The acrobat experiments, analyses and displays her own fears taking physical feelings as a starting point and drawing a direct line from fear to aerial acrobatics.

Cia Eulàlia Bergadà presents Sideral Garden, a project that presents itself more as a way of creating new performing architectures than as a work with a more conventional narrative. This project can be adapted to different venues, environments, territories and events and its duration is variable depending on the conditions of each performance.

Cia Cassanyes will work on Absurda i titànica aproximació a la idea de bellesa (Absurd and Titanic Approach to the Idea of Beauty), a show that portrays beauty as a non-classifiable experience, and where the audience is encouraged not to look for labels and to allow themselves to live without using so many words.

La Mecànica will be working on ODISSEA (ODYSEE, working title). This immersive, interactive physical theatre project for non-conventional venues is addressed to both teenagers and adults. It is linked to an artistic mediation project currently taking place in Mallorca.

our island connect 2023-2026 program is on!

Island Connect is back! The network has expanded and has also been awarded a middle-scale grant by Creative Europe and is now starting the second round of the project, Island Connect II.

Current members of the network are Croatia, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Mallorca and Tenerife. 

Stay tuned for more news!


Thanks to the support of various local and regional organizations, such as the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) or the Institute of Balearic Studies (IEB), the C.IN.E. runs its Internationalization Program that allows us to create networks with centers of creation of the world and to facilitate the Balearic companies to get to know other markets and to develop projects abroad.

Image: Jym Daly - IACC

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The C.IN.E. is not only a creation centre, but also a place for artists to find resources to move their  professionalization onto a sustainable footing. We host training courses, masterclasses and professional development workshops, among other activities.

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